Parent/Student Links

Infinite Campus parent portal provides parent and student access to Grades, Attendance and Household information. 

SchoolMessenger is used by DPS to alert parents in emergency situations.  Parent information will automatically be entered from Infinite Campus.  Parents can use the app to prioritize methods of communication.

Google Classroom is used for students to engage in learning with online tools to manage classwork and assignments.

Please use Revtrak to make online payments for activities at DeWitt Public Schools.

Meal Magic® Family Portal for Food Service Setting Up An Account

Making A Deposit

Apply for Free & Reduced Meals

Student transportation information can be updated using the DPS Transportation Schedule form.

Parents that are concerned about a bullying/harassment situation at school may reference this flow chart as they work to resolve the concern.

Information regarding parent use of buildings and spaces can be found on the DPS Facilities Use page.

Pathfinder uses current labor market, wage, and institutional data and metrics to help you create an individualized career roadmap. This free tool provides information to students, their parents, and guidance staff to make informed choices about educational and career options. 

Additional Resources and Information

Public Act 88 of 2022: Post-Graduation Opportunities Informational Packet

DeWitt Public Schools Annual Legal Notice

Recording from the FBI Sexortion Presention 

The FBI and our local law enforcement partners are seeing a huge increase in the online targeting of our youth. More specifically, our youth are being targeted for extortion based on their online activities. What does that mean for you as the parent/guardian of a student? What can we do as parents/guardians? How can I help keep my child safe? What should I be talking to my children about?

This problem is not merely something we see “nationwide.” These threats are being seen locally, at an alarming rate. We want you, as parents/guardians, to be aware so that you can be part of the solution. An educated and proactive approach can prevent these threats from occurring.  

School shootings can be a difficult topic to discuss with children, but it's important for families to have these conversations to help children understand what happened and how they can cope with their emotions. Here are some resources that can help families support their children. is an online service by licensed therapists that provides trusted and specialized courses, professional support and a safe community for parents to learn how to support their children and get answers to mental health questions.