International Students

DeWitt High School accepts students on F-1 Visas. Perspective students can view the requirements to be an international student at Study in the United States.

If you are interested in hosting a F-1 Visa student, we can make arrangements directly with student families or with our F-1 partner organization, Educatius Group USA. Educatius is able to provide host families with a monthly stipend.

Please contact DeWitt High School counselor,

Benjamin Bachman (517) 668-3146 for more information on F-1 Students.

If you are interested in hosting a traditional exchange student, below are some J-1 partners that DeWitt High School recommends. They have a good record of service for students and families.

US students interested in studying abroad:

Two types of visas allow students to attend high school in the United States F-1 and J-1. While they are similar, there are some key differences. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the J-1 Visa is considered a “cultural exchange” program and students who come over under that Visa do so with an agency and they can only stay with host families – students are not allowed to stay with their relatives on a J-1 Visa. Students on a J-1 do not pay tuition to attend public schools, and the cost to travel through an agency can be substantial. J-1 is the most common Visa and they make up the majority of our exchange students.

While J-1 Visa’s are for a “cultural exchange,” F-1 Visas are for “educational purposes” and students are allowed to live with relatives or with host families. Families who host F-1 students typically receive monthly stipend to help offset the expenses that may come with hosting a student. With an F-1 Visa, students do have to pay tuition, even to public schools. The F-1 option can be more expensive if students go through an agency, but it can also be the least expensive route if the student does not use an agency. If you have family or friends living abroad and they have children in grades 9-12 who would like to attend DHS for a year, they can do so without going through an agency.