About Us

Our district offers quality programming, first-rate facilities and opportunities for family involvement. We serve over 3200 students, who benefit from a qualified staff where teaching and learning are number one! DeWitt is located just north of Lansing and is accessible by I-69 and U.S. 27.


Contact Us

Main Office 517-668-3000Fax 517-668-3018dps@dewittschools.net

Mailing Address

DeWitt Public SchoolsPO Box 800DeWitt, MI 48820

School Location

DeWitt Public Schools2957 W. Herbison Rd.DeWitt, MI 48820
Community Information

Mission Statement

Through a culture of excellence, we provide the tools and environment for all learners to succeed.

Vision Statement

Students equipped to build a better tomorrow

Core Values

We accept the responsibility to always focus on our children first. We are accountable to these principles and they will guide our work. We believe:

  • DeWitt evaluates and uses resources responsibly to achieve our mission.

  • Every learner is a unique individual.

  • We are all teachers and learners.

  • Involvement from students, families, staff, and the community create a culture of excellence.

  • Trust, honesty, and respect are essential to learning

  • Together we strive for inclusivity and excellence

Goal Focus Areas

I. DeWitt Public Schools will enhance transparency by clear, concise, and coordinated communication. (Communications and Engagement)

  • Establish a public relations team

  • Establish a student representative on the PR team

  • Develop building and department websites

  • Deliver annual State of the District

II. DeWitt Public Schools will expand programs, support systems, and diverse technical learning experiences for all students. (Academics and Programs)

  • Establish systems to support academic and behavioral transitions from building to building.

  • Offer more diverse technical learning at the elementary and promote the secondary options

  • Create a "Hub" of resources and system for gifted and talented students

III. DeWitt Public Schools will improve and maintain learning environments that are safe, secure, clean, and future-ready. (Operations)

  • Implement P-12 safety plan to enhance safety and security measures\

  • Utilize building substitutes

  • Expand and maintain technology

IV. DeWitt Public Schools will foster an inclusive, engaging, and supportive educational community. (Learning Environment and Culture)

  • Grow mentoring and buddy system

  • Create a positive climate that excites people to go to school each day

  • Sustain effective social-emotional and mental health supports

V. DeWitt Public Schools will attract, retain, onboard, and cultivate a qualified and diverse educational team. (Personnel)

  • Recruit, onboard, and retain quality staff

  • Attract a diverse applicant pool