DeWitt Public Schools operates on a fiscal year that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. The board of education approves an annual operating budget no later than June 30 for the upcoming year. The budget is presented at a public hearing, usually scheduled to coincide with the June school board meeting.

The State of Michigan determines school funding. The amount of money each district receives is determined by a formula implemented with Proposal A, in 1994. DeWitt Public Schools receives the lowest per pupil foundation grant allowance, allowed by law. This amount is determined each year by the state.

State of Michigan Foundation Grant

2016-17 Per Pupil Foundation Grant: $7,511.

Residential property in DeWitt Public Schools district

  • State allocated mils for education: 6.0 miils
  • Non-homestead: 18 mills
  • Debt retirement for facilities: 10.00 mills

2018-19 Budget

2017-18 Budget