Bond Updates

Please review the documents listed below for information regarding progress toward bond goals. If you have questions, please call 517-668-3005 or email your questions to

Campus Summer Road Construction Update

As classes end this week, please note that starting on June 11th road construction will slow traffic around the DPS campus. Details are as follows:

• Pride drive off of Schavey will be the only access to main campus. (Herbison Woods School, Junior High/Middle School and the High School)

• Herbison Woods will have walking paths to High School fields and limited parking.

• Additional parking will be available at the Board of Education office parking lot (south end of Junior High/Middle School).

• The East lot behind High School will be open with a very limited number of parking spaces.

Construction off campus near district entrances will increase congestion in several areas. Please see the map listed below before visiting DPS Campus this summer to assist with planning your trip:

Please note that off campus road construction is included on this map for your convenience. Please contact the Clinton County Road Commission, DeWitt Township or City of DeWitt for timelines impacting the off campus construction.

DPS campus construction is scheduled to last through August 28th. We are excited to welcome you back in the fall with improved roads, thank you for your patience throughout the summer!

Summer 2018 Construction Update



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