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Safety Information

Yellow Means SLOW - Red Means NO

Seeing those familiar yellow school buses signals students are on the move. Safety is the goal as DeWitt Public Schools transports nearly 3000 students to and from school. Review the following information so that you are "in-the-know" in regard to stopped school buses.

Yellow Hazard Light Bus Stop

When you see school buses pulling to the right side of the roadway with its yellow hazard lights (located at the bottom of the windows in the front and back of the bus), drivers can proceed with caution around the bus. The yellow hazard lights are NOT used when students have to cross the street.

Red Flashing Light Bus Stop

The yellow overhead flashing lights signal to motorists that the bus is preparing to stop using the overhead red flashing lights. This is the school bus stop that buses have always made with overhead red flashing lights in the front and back of the school bus accompanied by a stop sign that is extended from the driver's side of the school bus. This means to stop, wait until students have entered or exited the bus, and until the red flashing lights cease. It is unlawful for drivers to pass school buses with red flashing lights on.

Bus drivers do report motorists who choose to pass the bus when the red overhead lights are flashing. It is part of their job and responsibility to report any traffic code violations that may endanger children. Parents rely on us to transport their children safely and we take our job seriously.