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Special Education and Special Services

DeWitt Public Schools offers traditional classrooms, looping and multi-age environments at different buildings. Multiple talents are celebrated with enrichment opportunities, competitions, and accelerated programming in a variety of areas in many of the buildings. DeWitt Public Schools offers many kinds of options and support for our students based on individual needs. Struggling students' needs are identified through building Student Support Teams (SST) and as a result students may be provided assistance through Intervention Supports, Section 504 and/or Special Education services.

Intervention Supports

Intervention supports are provided to students needing supports with academic needs, behavioral needs or both. These supports vary in range from support provided within their general education classroom to tutorial support in a small group environment. SST team meetings determine what type and specific amounts of services are needed for each individual student. Information about your building SST team can be obtained by contacting your building Principal and/or your building counselor.

Section 504

Students who have or have had a disability, which interferes with learning but does not require specialized instruction beyond the general education, may qualify for a Section 504 plan that documents and insures the provision of needed accommodations within the general education classroom setting. For further information about Section 504 eligibility you may contact your building coordinator/counselor or the DeWitt Public Schools District Special Education & Special Services Director. 

Special Education

DeWitt Public Schools provides specialized services within the framework of state and federal governing regulations. Programs range from consultative services to functional skills instruction in the Extended Resource program. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed for each student who qualifies for specialized services based on an evaluation and eligibility recommendation. Program information for our district may be obtained by contacting our department at 668-3017 for the Assistant to the Director or 668-3002 for the Director.

English Language Learners

McKinney-Vento (Homeless) Resources